QR Code Scavenger Hunt



qr scavenger huntscavenger hunt

I had a lot of fun in the Middle School library this week!  I borrowed a scavenger hunt idea from another librarian, and sent my students on a hunt!! It was a challenge for some to be a little more independent in the library.  For others, it solidified what they already knew about how to use the card catalog and my library website!!  It was a lot of fun!  I can’t wait to do it again next year!!


BTW… I’m pretty frustrated today.  I am in two libraries, and sometimes it’s hard to keep everything in order.  We have been in school less than one week, and already two copies, of the same book, are missing.  How does that happen??  So frustrated… I’ll be at the Middle School tomorrow.  Hopefully I can find them… sigh.

Back to Life… Back to Reality

Wow… I try and try to do this, but I always struggle. This year it is my goal to keep this up-to-date.  I have a lot happening in my schools this week.  At the Intermediate School, I am playing book games to help me learn the new fifth graders’ names.  It’s a lot of fun!!  I hope it helps!!  In sixth grade, we are doing a Brain Dump to review library basics, and playing a game of ‘I Have, Who Has’ to review library procedures.  I’m excited to do a QR Code Scavenger hunt with my seventh and eight graders at the Middle School!!  I will post pictures later this week!! Keep your fingers crossed that it works!!

So many books… so little time…

As a librarian, my reading list is endless.  I feel overwhelming pressure to read what my students are reading.  And I do… I read what they are reading.  I absolutely LOVE being able to discuss books with them.  It’s opened my literary world immensely, as well.  I have been exposed to genres that I wouldn’t normally read.  I like it.  It makes me happy… usually.  Because of the self-imposed pressure to read with my students, I’ve lost myself as a reader.  This is a problem.  I have forgotten what I love to read, as an educated, adult reader.  I’m looking for myself again.  I’ve decided to reconnect with my adult-reader self.  She’s harder to find that I thought she would be.  I am making the effort to read for me… read what I want to read.  The list of ‘kid reads’ is endless, and it always will be.  It’s time to read for me, again…